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Digital Labels

The arrival of our state of the art digital label press has meant that Label Lab can now produce ‘full colour’ labels in small numbers; all at competitive prices. In fact, if you require just one label then we can do that too.

Our label printing is carried out without the addition of expensive printing plates; normally associated with conventional label printing. This allows us to keep the costs down; and in turn we can pass that saving on to you!

Flexible Printing

Our digital printing equipment also allows for variable printing; this means that each label can be printed uniquely. So, if you want to change the barcode or image on each label; this can be done simply, and without extra cost.

Our digital labels are produced directly from your files; so if you need to, you can bring a file to Label Lab in the morning and collect them in the afternoon. The only restriction to your labels is your imagination!

Digital labels can be supplied on sheets or on rolls with a choice of cores; these range from 25mm to 76mm.